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8" Coupler - W175-0002 by Timberwolf

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8" Coupler - W175-0002 by Timberwolf

The Timberwolf 8" Coupler with the part number W175-0002 is an accessory used for connecting and extending the venting system of Timberwolf wood-burning stoves. Here's what this component is used for:

  1. Venting Extension: The 8" coupler is used to extend the venting system of a Timberwolf wood-burning stove. The venting system is an essential part of the stove that safely conveys combustion byproducts (such as smoke and gases) from the stove to the exterior of the building. This is crucial for both safety and proper stove operation.

  2. Diameter Matching: The "8-inch" specification indicates the diameter of the venting system it is designed to connect. It's important to use components with matching diameters to ensure a secure and proper fit.

  3. Flexibility and Versatility: Couplers like this one are often used when the standard venting system needs to be extended or when there's a need to connect two venting sections. It provides the flexibility to customize the venting system to suit the specific requirements of your installation.