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BroValve - LP w/ Hose and Regulator fits P3, P4, D3, D4 - B100515 By Broilmaster

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Valve - LP w/ Hose and Regulator fits P3, P4, D3, D4 - B100515 By Broilmaster

The Twin Valve Assembly you mentioned is designed to fit all Broilmaster Propane Gas Grills built after 2002, with the exception of the T and R series. It is a component that controls the flow of propane gas to the burners in these grill models.

The Twin Valve Assembly plays a crucial role in the gas supply system of your Broilmaster grill. It regulates the flow of propane gas, allowing you to control the heat output and cooking temperature.

To install the Twin Valve Assembly, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions provided with the assembly. The specific installation process may vary depending on your grill model.

It is recommended to consult the manufacturer or an authorized dealer for accurate information and guidance on installing the Twin Valve Assembly for your Broilmaster propane gas grill. They will have the expertise and knowledge to ensure a proper and safe installation.

By replacing the Twin Valve Assembly, you can ensure the reliable and efficient operation of your Broilmaster propane gas grill built after 2002, except for the T and R series.


  • Includes Regulator and Hose.
  • Propane gas valve
  • For use with P3, P4, D3 and D4