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Ash Tool for C3 - DPA306 By Broilmaster

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Ash Tool for C3 - DPA306 By Broilmaster

The ash tool is a handy accessory designed to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of your charcoal grill. Its main purpose is to reach into the far corners of the grill to perform several tasks:

1. Adding or repositioning charcoal and wood chips: The ash tool allows you to safely and easily add or reposition charcoal and wood chips within the grill. It helps you distribute the fuel evenly or make adjustments to achieve the desired heat levels and smoke flavors during the grilling process.

2. Removing ashes: As you use your charcoal grill, ashes accumulate in the bottom or ash pan. The ash tool enables you to reach into these areas and effectively remove the ashes. Removing ashes is essential for maintaining proper airflow and heat distribution within the grill, ensuring optimal grilling performance.

By using the ash tool, you can ensure that your charcoal grill remains clean, functional, and ready for the next grilling session. It provides a safe and efficient means of adding or repositioning fuel, as well as removing ashes without the risk of burns or other accidents.

Please note that the specific design and features of ash tools can vary. Some ash tools may have additional functionalities, such as a hook or scraper, which can further assist in ash removal or grill maintenance.


  • C3 Charcoal ash tool
  • The 24 Inch long tool features stainless steel construction with a coil handle


  • Weight: 1 lbs