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Conversion Kit - Natural Gas To Propane - W175-0387 by Timberwolf

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Conversion Kit - Natural Gas To Propane - W175-0387 by Timberwolf

The Timberwolf Conversion Kit with the part number W175-0387 is designed to convert a Timberwolf gas fireplace or gas stove from natural gas (NG) to propane (LP), which is also known as liquefied petroleum gas. Here's what this conversion kit typically includes and why you might need it:

  1. Orifices: The conversion kit typically includes replacement orifices (burner jets) that are specifically designed for propane use. Propane requires a different air-to-fuel mixture for proper combustion compared to natural gas, so the orifices for propane are typically smaller.

  2. Regulator: The kit may also include a propane regulator to control and reduce the pressure of the propane gas as it enters the appliance. Propane regulators are designed to work with the higher pressure of propane compared to natural gas.

  3. Conversion Instructions: Detailed conversion instructions are usually provided to guide you through the process of converting the appliance safely. It's essential to follow these instructions precisely to ensure the conversion is done correctly.