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Blower Kit With Variable Speed & Thermostatic Control - GS-65KT by Timberwolf

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Blower Kit With Variable Speed & Thermostatic Control - GS-65KT by Timberwolf

The Timberwolf Blower Kit with Variable Speed and Thermostatic Control, identified as GS-65KT, is an accessory designed for use with Timberwolf wood-burning stoves. This blower kit provides several important benefits:

1. **Improved Heat Distribution:** The blower kit includes a fan or blower unit that helps distribute warm air more effectively throughout the room. It does this by drawing in cooler room air, passing it over the hot surfaces of the wood-burning stove, and then blowing the heated air back into the living space. This enhances the stove's ability to heat your home evenly and efficiently.

2. **Variable Speed Control:** The variable speed control feature allows you to adjust the fan's speed to your preferred level. This gives you control over the amount of air circulation and the heat output of the stove. You can customize the level of heating to suit your comfort needs.

3. **Thermostatic Control:** The thermostatic control feature is especially convenient. It enables you to set a desired room temperature. The blower will automatically adjust its speed based on the temperature in the room, ensuring that the room remains at the chosen comfort level. This helps maintain a consistent and comfortable environment.

4. **Energy Efficiency:** By using the blower kit with thermostatic control, you can help ensure that the stove operates at an optimal level, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and maximizing energy efficiency.

Proper installation and use of the Timberwolf Blower Kit with Variable Speed and Thermostatic Control are essential to ensure that the wood-burning stove operates efficiently and safely. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and usage to get the best performance and comfort from your stove. This accessory can significantly enhance the heating performance and convenience of your Timberwolf wood-burning stove.