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When it comes to renovating existing wood-burning fireplaces, then many homeowners set their eye on fireplace inserts. But what are fireplace inserts? A fireplace insert is a self-contained appliance that fits into an existing wood fireplace. Different types of fireplace inserts include gas fireplace inserts, wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and pellet fireplace inserts. We will discuss in detail what a fireplace insert is and the types of fireplace inserts. How much do they cost, and what do you need to know about fireplace inserts?

What are fireplace inserts?

Fireplace inserts are designed in different styles that can easily fit into the fireplace sizes. They are made of steel or cast iron box with a protected glass front that fit into existing masonry fireplaces to improve efficiency. Fireplace inserts are used to upgrade the aesthetics of an old, outdated fireplace. The insert is designed to radiate heat back into the room and prevent the inefficiencies of traditional fireplaces. Fireplaces are used to warm the home, providing minimal heat fastly and warming the surroundings. A large quantity of heat is being wasted due to the production of excess warm air that is sucked out of your chimney. Many types of fireplace inserts, like gas, electric, pellet, and wood-burning fireplaces, are available in the market. All of the fireplaces have their features according to their brand and specifications.

Types of gas fireplaces inserts

Gas fireplaces insert

If you don't want a wood fireplace, gas fireplace inserts are great. They do not create a mess like wood fireplace inserts. Using gas logs without any hazards, you can create an appearance like wood-burning fireplace inserts. Moreover, they are efficient, cleaner, and safer than other fireplace inserts. Gas fireplace inserts consist of two vents; one is used to draw air, and the other is used for venting exhaust. You can easily install these vents into the existing chimney. They are controlled with thermostats and a remote; a blower also sends heat to the room. They use natural gas or propane gas. Propane gas is expensive, and you must spend a lot of money to warm your home all day.

Wood burning fireplaces inserts

Wood-burning fireplace inserts are a more popular and good option for people who love the crackling sound of wood. They are more effective and distribute heat in large amounts; that's why they have been known for 100 years. Moreover, wood fireplace inserts give a traditional look, a great option to warm large rooms or homes. However, they require regular Maintenance and cleaning and may not be suitable for homes with limited storage space for firewood. Wood-burning fireplaces cannot be installed yourself; they need their exhaust connector and flue. You can install wood-burning fireplaces inserts with the help of professionals.

Electric fireplaces insert

Electric fireplace inserts are very easy to use and versatile that can be placed anywhere; they do not require venting or a gas line. They produce lovely and realistic fire displays. Electric fireplace insert requires low Maintenance. You can easily enjoy the flame flicker of electric fireplace inserts by plugging them in. Moreover, electric fireplace inserts contain a small heater with 5000 BTUs (British thermal unit). There are different types of electric heaters so you can select according to your need; some models allow you to adjust the flame size.

Pellet fireplace inserts

Pellet inserts are also designed in a way that can be fit easily into the existing fireplace openings. These inserts are fueled by wood pellets that you can place in the hopper in the insert. Pellet inserts are a great idea for those areas where natural gas or liquid propane are unavailable.

Advantages of using fireplace inserts

Fireplace inserts have many advantages, which are given below.

They are energy efficient.

Fireplace inserts are much better than regular fireplaces. The energy of the fireplace insert is not escaping from chimneys like traditional fireplaces because the doors are sealed. Fireplace inserts are fixed to keep the heated air in the home. They are 80% energy efficient and produce hotter and slower heat.

Saves money

You can easily save more money with the fireplace inserts. Because your home is well insulated, and hot air will not find a way to escape from your home, you burn a little amount of wood and saves money. Installing fireplace inserts allows you to control monthly bills because your home is sealed, so you won't have to depend on a furnace to heat your home.

Environment friendly

Fireplace inserts are more environmentally friendly than traditional fireplaces. They burn longer and more efficiently, reducing the number of poisonous gases.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Dimplex - Standard 23

Standard 23" Log Set Electric Fireplace Insert By Dimplex

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Cheaper and require less maintenance

Fireplace inserts are cheaper and affordable in price. Most people choose this option because they want to remodel their fireplaces without burden. You must do a lot of work, like stone and brickwork, to remodel the fireplace. Less Maintenance is required because fireplace inserts are efficient and burn cleaner.

Fireplace insert installation

Replacing traditional fireplaces with fireplace inserts is a great way to stay warm, and a hearth specialist can perform this task in one day.
1. First of all, before buying any model of fireplace insert, take the measurements of the fireplace, and for more help, consult a health professional. The factors that are kept in mind while selecting fireplace inserts are:
The width of the front side.
The depth of the fireplace.
The back wall height and width of the fireplace.

After knowing all these little things, you can choose the right one for the firebox.
2. The second thing is always to select the model with all the present features you want. Many types and styles of fireplace inserts are in the market so you can choose anyone according to your interests. Choose fireplace inserts with suitable heat out like gas fireplaces can range from 27,000 to 40,000 BTUs per hour, wood fireplace inserts range from 40,000 to 60,000 BTUs, and pellet fireplace insert range from 30,000 to 50,000 BTUs. Which area of your home you want to heat will help you to choose the right one. Smaller rooms require smaller BTUs to warm up the room, and larger rooms require larger BTUs. Hearth specialist will help you find the best BTUs level fireplace inserts for your home.
3. The third thing is to make a schedule for installing fireplace inserts because it may take one to a half day for gas fireplace inserts according to the availability of gas inserts.


Fireplace inserts have breathed new life into old. Whether you opt for wood, electric, gas, or pellet fireplace inserts, you can find a model that fits your space by following the steps in the above blog article. We have discussed fireplace inserts, their different types, and the advantages we can get from them. Also how we can install them by considering some main factors in mind like size, shape, width, and height of the fireplace. This blog article will help you to know all the things that you need to know about.