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Best Outdoor kitchen appliances brands- 2023 review

If you read this post, you are surely looking for the best outdoor kitchen appliance brand. Homeowners want to upgrade their backyard with the best outdoor kitchen brands so they can spend more time outside. Also, adding an outdoor kitchen will look more stylish and appealing. There are many brands which offer outdoor kitchen appliances, and it is a headache to choose the best one. So we are here to help homeowners upgrade their backyard, patio or terrace with the best outdoor kitchen appliances.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Brands:

Cal Flame KoKomo grill Broil master Primo ceramic Summerest Napoleon grills


Cal Flame is considered one of the best brands for manufacturing appliances for barbecue. Another name of this company is a hot tub established in 1978. In the early days, Cal Flame was famous for manufacturing pool designs, but in the late 90s, it offered innovative backyard solutions. Kitchen appliances are part of this offer, and they sell their product online and in stores marts.

Products are made with heavy-duty stainless steel, which increases performance and provides heat retention.
Provide appliances with advanced features such as LED lighting and an ignition system.
Easy to use and adjust the temperature

Provide durable products
Provide customization options
Stylish and modern designs

High-cost products
Difficult to install and maintain


Kokomo Grill is another name for outdoor kitchen appliances. It was an unknown brand until 2004, but now it is considered one of the US's largest outdoor kitchen appliance companies. Its website is full of a variety of products, so homeowners can buy products for living areas, outdoor kitchens etc. Kokomo Grills provide a range of grills and other product, and customers can customize them according to their taste.

High-quality material built with a 20 gauge steel frame
Provide a range of customization options
Both classic and professional grills are available
Classic grills come with three burners, and professional grills come with five burners
Provide lifetime warranty

Provide a range of cooking options
Users can customize and design according to their preferences
Built with high-quality material
Temperature control

Costly products
Most of the products are built and island grills
Limited stock available on demand

Cal Flame Warming Drawer CalFlame -  12
Cal Flame Warming Drawer CalFlame -  12

12" Drop In Food Warmer By CalFlame

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3. Broilmaster Grill Reviews

Broilmaster is established in the US and is considered one of the favourite brands for providing gas grills. The material to make the grills is aluminium which provides more durability. Also, its lifetime warranty gives you a full cooking experience in your outdoor kitchen. BroilMater provides many outdoor kitchen products, providing a great experience for the user. Also, its power burner heats up quickly, so you can cook your dish in a few minutes without waiting for heating.

Heat retention due to the high-quality aluminium body
Adjustable temperature with an even distribution pattern
Built-in heat indicator to monitor temperature
Provide side burners and warming racks to give a versatile experience

Reputable and famous brand
High-quality products which give more durability
Provide great customer support
Lifetime warranty

Very expensive
Limited stocks in some branches

4. Primo Ceramic:

Primo Ceramic is one of the popular brands for providing a versatile and amazing range of products. This brand is a good alternative to grills and provides Kamado-style heating. The modern design provides heating to all sides of the grills. Primo ceramic is best for making high-temperature dishes and roasted smoking dishes. Although its products are large compared to other brands, they still won't break your back because they are lightweight.

Frame is lightweight
Grills are oval-shaped, which provides more space
Provide a lot of accessories, and users can even add on functionality
Built with high-quality ceramic, which gives more durability

Firebox divider
Lightweight products as compared to other brands
Give a range of size options
Provide different cooking methods

Less portable
Take more time to heat up

5. Summerset

Summerfest is one of the best outdoor kitchen appliance brands. Jeff Straubel, CEO of Summerest, found this brand. Now two factories are successfully running in California. In the start, Summerfest exported grills to their customer, but now they are manufacturing their own personalized and durable kitchen appliances. When it comes to gas grills, it manufactures four gas grills, each of which is different in feature and quality. Other kitchen appliances such as fire pits, drawers, grills and islands are manufactured by Summerest.

Introduce briquette trays which distribute heat to all sides of grills.
Offer a range of free-standing grills, island, and gas grills
Powerful burner to maintain heat
Easy to setup and maintain
Gas grills come with five main burners and one back burner

High-quality material
Affordable brand
Easy to maintain
Safe to use

Need proper cleaning
Could not fit in small areas

6: The Napoleon brand

Napoleon is also a well-known brand for providing outdoor kitchen appliances. It offers many gas, propane grills as well as other kitchen appliances. Napoleon came into the market in 1980, and now it is known for providing heating appliances and grills. Napoleon will provide high-end products if you want to bring the best grill. Also, it gives higher customer satisfaction and a long time warranty.

Provide more burners to give versatile and more heating options
Give stylish and innovative designs to enhance the user experience, such as easy-to-clean surfaces, temperature control knobs and storage solution
Give a guarantee of all the components and parts
Give safety features such as shut off system, flame guard etc

Provide innovative features to enhance user experience
Great customer support
High-quality material to give more durability
Sleek and stylish design

High prices Difficult to install and assemble

Final words:

Outdoor kitchen appliances are a great way to save your time cooking and enjoy it in the outdoor area. These are some of the best outdoor kitchen appliance brands which provide a range of products with advanced features. Each brand is best in providing unique features and has its strength. If you are looking for a wide range of products, then CalFlame is best. Summerfest is a reasonable as well as high-quality brand. However, to find the best brand, you must discover desired features, prices, and portability to choose one of the best kitchen appliance brands.