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Electric heaters are certainly a popular choice for heating. They provide us with heat and comfort and make our life easy. Different types of heaters are affordable in price and easy to maintain. Moreover, if you want a portable or wall-mounted heater, it works smoothly for several years. Like other household appliances, electric heaters also need cleanliness. Otherwise, dust and dirt will accumulate eventually. You should clean the heater's outer side before cleaning from the inside. If you are cleaning portable heaters, open them and use a vacuum or sponge to clean them. Cleaning of the heater is necessary because it increases the efficiency of heating. Below is the article; we share a step-to-step guide on cleaning electric heaters. Read the article to learn how to clean electric heaters.

How To Clean Electric Heaters?

Here are some steps that will help you clean the electric heater and enhance heat efficiency.
   Turn Off the Heater

Turning off the heater and removing the switch from the board is compulsory because you are cleaning an electric device. An electric heater can get hot to the touch, so unplug it and wait 10 to 15 minutes to cool it off.

Inspect The Device

After 15 minutes, when the heater gets cold, you can examine it for dirt, oily, fingerprints, and tacky food stains. Examining the electric heater closely will also expose some other damages you may miss.

Wipe Exterior

Always use a microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of an electric heater. Never forget to clean the nooks, crannies, button areas, food marks, and greasy fingerprints. You can use 1 to 2 drops of soap to clean the dust. This is a general method, and you can easily clean it without danger, whether ceramic, metal, or plastic.


Never spray water on the interior parts of the heater; whether it's a space heater, wall heater, or electric heater, it will damage your heater. Always use a damp sponge.

Remove The Grill or Cover of The Heater 

Electric heaters are of different types and models, and they collect dust and greasy surface due to their location and shape. Unscrew the heater cover if your heater cover is removable for deep cleaning. On the other hand, some heaters have a grill that should be removed before cleaning. If you have a thermostat in your electric heater, then by using a flathead screwdriver, remove the knob. Many people clean their heaters, remove the grill before removing the knob and then face the damage to the thermostat. Later you have to buy a new thermostat, or you may have to buy a new heater. Use a vacuum with a dusting brush attachment. It will help you to clean deep the parts that are hard to reach and collect all the dust. You can also clean the grill by soaking it in soapy water; it will take time to clean, so it's best to soak it in water for half an hour.

Blow Out the Heater

You can also clean the electric heater and blow the dust using your hair dryer if you don't have a vacuum. Prevent using canned air because it contains a flammable fuel, a safety hazard. Also, keep away the fan blades from spinning around while using a blower to remove dust because it may damage the motor of an electric heater.

Clean With a Moist Cloth

Clean the heater's interior parts with a moist cloth and give it 15 minutes to dry it.

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If you are cleaning a space heater, skip this step because the cover is non-removable.

Clean With a Paintbrush

Before plugging in your electric fireplace, check the plug and cord for any damage or signs of wear. Always replace worn or damaged cords before using your electric fireplace.

  Clean The Cover

If you have an electric heater whose cover can be removed, clean the cover by using a vacuum; it will remove all the dust.

Brush The Cover

After vacuuming the cover, you must use a paintbrush to brush and scrub the cover between fine grooves and corners to clean the heater cover completely.

Replace The Cover

Now your electric heater is cleaned properly, screw the cover back on and use it to warm your home.

Why It's Beneficial to Have This Clean
It is compulsory to clean the dirt otherwise. It will damage your heat efficiency and deteriorate the heater.

Energy Efficiency Increased

Remains inside the interior heater cause roughness on airflow. Deep cleaning in a year or regularly will increase heat and energy efficiency.

Damaged Prevented

You will face less damage after cleaning and removing dust from the ventilation system. Otherwise, it may destroy the motor and cause the condenser coil to freeze, among other things.

Cleaner, Fresher and Warmer Home

Cleaning removes the dust and debris you don't want in your home. After all the cleaning, you will feel fresh and clean and enjoy the warmer air in your home.

Why Is It Harmful to Not Clean the Electric Heaters?

If you don’t take it seriously to clean the electric heaters, then you will feel many damages.

Slower Heat Production

When dirt or dust accumulates inside the heater, air cannot pass through easily, and you will get a slow heat. Dirty heaters will damage your heat efficiency, and you will face damage.

Heater Sickness

A dirty heater causes heater sickness due to contamination and dust that is gathered in the duct. Dry throat, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, headache, and allergy flare-ups are caused due to dirty electric heaters. The dry air of the heater may contain fungi, mold, and mildew that cause skin allergies and headaches. So always clean the electric heaters before use otherwise you will face many issues regarding health.

Safety Tips Before Cleaning

You should follow the safety precautions before cleaning; otherwise, it will harm or burn you. Always wear a face mask; otherwise, dust blows from the dirty heater will create breathing problems and skin allergies. Clean the outer part only for outdoor electric heaters. Clean the electric heaters once after two weeks if you use them daily.

Final words:

Heaters are a great way to keep our home warmer and cozy. They provide us with heat and light and warm us during cold seasons. Cleaning of heaters is compulsory to work efficiently; otherwise, they will not give you more heat. Dust gathered in the heater and blocked the internal components of the heater. Then it’s challenging for air to pass through the dust, and your heater over-heat fast. So, it is best to clean your heaters once a year so that they can provide you with more heat. In the above article, we provide a step-by-step guide on cleaning an electric heater. As which we discuss, you should first turn off the switch, examine it closely, and then screw off the cover to remove dust, a greasy, oily surface. Use a moist cloth to clean internal components and a paintbrush or vacuum for deep cleaning. In the end, replace the cover and enjoy the clean and warm air.

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