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Nothing is good than sitting in front of the fire and enjoying the warm wood-burning fire after a hectic day. It's a great way to spend time with friends, family, and guests and you can make memories by starting a fire in a fire pit. It's not difficult to start a fire in a fire pit; sometimes, you light the fire, and the flame goes out, which will be frustrating. Adding fuel to the fire will work, but it's only temporary. Below in this article, we are discussing the following ways how to start a fire in a fire pit.

7 Ways to Start a Fire in a Fire Pit

How to Light a Wood Fire Pit the Traditional Way

You can start fire by collecting these items as follows;

Tinder is mostly used to start a fire in fire pits like Leaves, pines cones, newspaper, or tree bark. These should be dry and non-toxic so that you can be able to start your fire.

Kindling is the dry stick that will burn a fire for a long time. The most effective softwoods like pine, cedar, poplar, and spruce.

Firewood logs are the foundation of a fire that lasts for a long time. You should use the best quality wood like maple, oak, ash, and birch.
Steps to follow

First, make a clump in the center of the fire pit with fuel; the size of the clump should be about the size of a palm.

Next, grab small pieces of wood and place them on the fuel at a 35-degree angle, so it seems like a pyramid.

After that, with a fire starter, light the tinder clump, and when small wood pieces start burning, place firewood for the proper fire. 

It's time to put some seasoned wood in the fire pit. Your firewood placement structure should be like a pyramid, like your ignitable material.

If you want the flame of fire to burn strong all night, then it is essential to maintain the fire in your fire pit.

If you have trouble catching fire, add fuel and ignitable material to the fire pit.

Keep building your fire by adding large wood logs over small ones, and then enjoy hot dogs by sitting in front of the fire pit.

How to Light a Wood Fire Pit Using a Log Lighter System

Using a log lighter system, follow the steps to light a wood fire pit.

Using a log grill, you have to put some small wood logs on to log the lighting system.

Then open the line by using the valve key for the natural gas supply.

After that, you should use a long-stemmed match or grill lighter to fire your log lighter.

Now that you have ignited your log lighter device turn off the gas supply by turning the valve key to the closed position.

Also, don't forget to remove your valve key from the valve.

Keep adding wood logs until the fire becomes steady and healthy in the fire pit.

Now everything is done, it's time to enjoy yourself with your family.

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit Using a Match Lit System

The match-lit system is affordable and can be installed in the existing fire pit.

Starting your backyard gas fire pit is a different experience than the wood fire pit and log lighter system. Here are some steps to start a fire using match lit ignition system through a gas fire pit.
First of all, turn on the fire pit gas supply and insert the valve key

Then ignite the gas using a lighter until the burner on the gas fire pit does not produce flames because sometimes fire doesn't catch up due to wind.

Even you can increase or decrease the flame intensity on the gas fire pit.

Light a Gas Fire Pit Using an Electronic Ignition System

By using an electronic ignition system, you can eliminate the use of a match or lighter to start a fire. Here are some steps to follow;

You can turn on the system by using your remote control wall or watch.

The system controls a speedy safety check before starting the gas flow to your fire pit.

Then after a few seconds of proper safety check, the pilot flame is started.

The pilot starts the gas flowing to the main burner.

The gas fire pit runs full fire within a few seconds after starting the system. You can turn off or adjust the flame of the gas fire pit by using your remote or wall switch.

Light a Gas Fire Pit Using a Push-Button Ignition System

   Here's how to start a fire pit with a push-button ignition system:

The first thing is to turn the valve control knob to start the flow of natural gas in the fire pit

Then push the button on the ignition system that creates a spark and lights the fire pit's pilot.

In the next step, release the push button before releasing the control knob.

Now release the control knob for 20 seconds.

Light the main burner and adjust the flame's height or size by rotating the control knob counterclockwise.

When you want to turn off the gas fire pit, turn the control knob to the off position, and the gas flow will stop.

Light The Fire By Using Lava Rock In The Fire Pit.

In the first step, you need a stem lighter which includes the opening of gas. There will be a discharge of gas if you stop opening the valve, and it causes exploitation which rises by the time you light the lighter.

You don't want the detonation that emits thick flames, so slightly opening up the gas is better.

Then use a match or lighter to start it up. After that, it depends on you whether to open the valves to get more flames or to leave it in the way as it is.

Also, you can use a match stick or gas to light up the fire pit.

Valves are used to control when to burn the fire and how to start a fire in the fire pit. Even you can cease the gas and fire by using valves. Moreover, lava rocks near the burner should be removed before starting a fire.

Use The Friction Method To Light Up The Fire In The Fire Pit.

Using the friction method is one of the best ways to start a fire without a match, but this is also difficult.

For this method, make a v-shaped cut on a log

Take a spindle that will produce friction.

Rub the spindle among your hands as fast as you can do

Moving your hands up and down the spindle quickly.

When the log produces smoke, use your firewood to catch the glowing spark you've produced.

Final Verdict

In the article, we discussed the seven ways how to start a fire in the fire pit using the traditional way, log lighter system, an electronic ignition system, match lit system, push button ignition system, lava rock in the fire pit, and by using friction method. All these 7 ways will help you start a fire in fire pit.